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Event Registration 

Farmers looking to submit their flowers into the Harvest Cup competition click here!

*Registration is now Open*

Peoples Choice Registration

Learn more about the 2022 People's Choice Judging! 

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Live Event Registration

2022 Harvest Cup

Grand Finale 


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Grower Registration

*Registration is now Open*

The 2022 Harvest Cup begins with a 60 day submission period where NYS Cannabis Farmers are able to submit raw/cured CBD and THC flowers to the 2022 Harvest Cup. Flower submissions will be graded on a variety of factors judged by industry experts for their smell, structure, and more. Submissions are open now until January  7th, 2022.

The "Top 10" submissions will be selected for the Harvest Cup Finale, which concludes with a live “blind” judging that will determine the Harvest Cup champions.  


There are limited Submission Slots - Early Registration is Encouraged! 

CBD Online Registration - Click here! 


THC Online Registration - Click here!

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2022 Harvest Cup Rules 

Submission Rules 

1) All entries must be grown in NYS 

2) All CBD / CBG submissions must be from a licensed CBD cultivator 

3) All CBD / CBG entries must submit 3rd party tested product

4) All CBD / CBG entries must be below .03% delta9 THC 

5) All entries must be delivered/postmarked before Jan. 7th, 2022

 Judging Process

1) CBD & THC entries will compete in their own categories 

2) All grading/judging will be "double-blind" (organizers & judges will not know entry data)

Indoor & Outdoor categories will be differentiated in event finals 

3) Only 50 submissions will be accepted in both the CBD & THC categories

4) A preliminary judging event will narrow down the "Top 25" submissions for competition entry

5) The "Top 25" of each category will go on the road with Peoples Choice Grading Parties 

6) The Peoples Choice Grading Parties will narrow down to "Top 10" Submissions 

7) "Top 10" submissions will be distributed to 10 industry judges and 20 Peoples Choice judges for final grading 

8) Winners will be announced at the FLWR CITY CUP Finals in April 2020.  

2022 People's Choice Awards

*Registration Coming Soon*

Harvest Cup Rules

This year we are going to be doing the People's Choice Awards a little different.

First, we will be taking the "Top 20" strains of CBD & THC on the road - from Buffalo to Long Island - in a series of Peoples Choice Popup Grading Parties, where folks from all across the state will be able to grade flower submissions based on their look (and possibly their smell). 

From these parties we will narrow down to the "Top 10" strains of CBD & THC to be sent out to our judging community. 

This year we will be offering: 

(40+) People's Choice Judging Kits - Showcasing the Top 10 CBD strains in the state ($100 a kit)

(12+) Special Peoples Choice Judging kits - Showcasing the Top 10 CBD & THC strains  

Peoples Choice Judges will be welcome to join us for the Judges Only Live Stream Grading where all the Top 10 strains will be analyzed.  

In April 2022, we will be hosting a live awards party in Rochester NY, where the 2022 Peoples Choice Champion will be crowned! 


*TICKETS Coming Soon*

Join us as we celebrate the 2022 FLWR CITY CUP Champions at the Finals Party in April of 2022, hosted in Rochester NY. Come prepared for vendors, music and presentations and an awards ceremony for the books. 

Stay Tuned! 

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