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2020 flwr city cup

A semiannual competition, curated to build community

and raise funds for reinvestment in community development initiatives. 

2020 flwr city "Harvest cup"

Celebrating the completion of the 2020 New York State Hemp Harvest season, and stressing the importance of New York hemp flower for both the NY farming community and consumers.  

Stay tuned for more information on competition rules, registration, and how you can be involved.

It is the belief of the organizers that flower - as a farm product and a consumer good - Is an important Social and economic resource for the NYS community in such trying times. 

We believe that the proposed regulations by NYS banning “flower sales”  are short-sighted and will do more harm to the public - farmer and consumer alike - than good.   

We thank you for your support and look forward to celebrating with you in 2021 April too! 


This event begins with a 30 day submission period where licensed NYS Hemp Farmers are able to submit raw / cured hemp flower product to the events judges. Submissions will be allowed Nov. 21-December 21st 2020. 

Submissions will require a $100 contribution. $50 will be used to pay for an independent 3rd party COA test. The remaining funds will be allocated to local and regional community initiatives.  

Flower submissions will be graded on a variety of factors judged by industry experts for their smell, structure, COA’s and more. The official grading matrix will be available online in the coming weeks.

The top 14 submissions will be selected for the Harvest Cup Finals, which conclude with a live “blind” judging that will determine the Harvest Cup champions.  The finale of Harvest Cup will happen on Jan 24th - live on a screen near you.

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