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Peoples Choice Judging

We have opened the pool for People's Choice Judging Kits "registration". All folks who make a $25 contribution to the C.U.P. Fund will qualify to win a Peoples Choice Judging Kit, to be sent out in early March.


Help us fill the C.U.P. and secure your chance to win below by clicking this link: 

Welcome to the second annual People's Choice Grading Competition! 


Last year there were over 50 CBD submissions from 30 farms across the state, both indoor & outdoor. In total there were 12 industry judges & 40 peoples choice judges.


All 52 of these judges received judging kits with the Top 20 strains, a dry herb vaporizer and a bunch of other cool stuff. From their grading we were able to determine the Peoples Choice Champions.  


This year we have 30+ THC and 20+ CBD submissions + adding a layer of community engagement.  


We have 7 live Peoples Choice Grading Parties planned across New York state to help us narrow these submissions to the "Top 10".


This is the first touring & live public grading event series of its kind.  


We will be brining these submissions on the road across from Buffalo - Rochester - Syracuse -  Ithaca - Lower East Side NYC - Hell's Kitchen NYC - Long Island.


The live grading will be a “buffet” style grading process - where the top 30 THC & top 20 CBD submissions will be on display in the MasonBrite magnifying jars for optimal visual grading.

These will be events will include live grading, music, vendors & more.

Some select events will have smell & taste  grading as well. 

Join us & see how each one of these flower cities gets down! 

The 100's of People's Choice grades from these 7 events will determine the "Top 10" - to be sent out in our custom Judging Kits to 12 industry judges & 40 Peoples Choice Judges all across the state. 

Stay tuned about becoming reserving your Judging Kit. Info coming soon. 


This event series will culminate in a big party / expo in early April called the Flower City CUP.


Join us and local music & cannabis legends for a party of the ages.  

This is  Craft Cannabis Culture.

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