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Join the Live Grading:

2-12-22: Buffalo, NY
2-13-22: Syracuse, NY
2-19-22: Ithaca, NY
2-25-22: Lower East Side, NYC
2-26-22: Midtown, NYC
2-27-22: Long Island, NY
3-5-22: Rochester, NY 
3-26-22: Rochester, NY (FINALS)
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The Peoples Choice Grading is on its way to Long Island!

Join us as we showcase New York's "Top 50" strains from Buffalo-Long Island with this live grading event series.  
Together we decide who makes it to the Finals!

Want a chance to grade New York's "Top 20"??

Make a $25 donation to the C.U.P. Fund Below for your chance to win a People's Choice Grading Kit?

March 26th, Rochester NY
(tickets coming soon)

FLWR CITY Harvest Cup

An annual New York State flower competition curated to build community and raise funds for reinvestment in community development initiatives.


The root of the FLWR CITY Harvest Cup competition is to engage cannabis consumers and stakeholders in building community and raising funds for initiatives we believe in. Our vision is to prove that Cannabis Used Positively can build up communities to create lasting impact. Through these events, we aim to raise money and resources to fill the "cup" - with funds and share it back into the community.


 Harvest Cup
Flower Competition

This event begins with a 60 day submission period where NYS Cannabis Farmers are able to submit raw/cured CBD and THC flowers to the 2021-2022 Harvest Cup.

Flower submissions will be graded on a variety of factors judged by industry experts for their smell, structure, and more. 

The TOP 10 submissions will be selected for the Harvest Cup Finale, which concludes with a live “blind” judging that will determine the Harvest Cup champions.


Limited Submission Slots - Registration is open now!  


Farmer Entry & Flower Submission

November 1st - Jan 5th 2022

 The 2022 FLWR CITY “Harvest Cup” is a statewide competition celebrating the completion of the 2021 Harvest season, and promoting the importance of New York cannabis flower for both the New York farming community and consumers - regardless if its high CBD or high THC.


It is the belief of the event organizers that cannabis flower - as a farm product and a consumer good - is an important social and economic resource for the New York state community. 


This event begins with a 60 day submission period where licensed NYS Cannabis Farmers are able to submit raw/cured hemp flowers to the events judges. Limited Submission Slots - Registration is open now.


Flower Judging Process

January 2022 - March 2022

The 2022 Harvest Cup will bring together an incredible group of NYS Cannabis Industry Leaders to serve as the judging team for the Harvest Cup Finals!  

Are you interested in being a Flower Judge? Stay tuned! This year we're taking the People's Choice on the road! FLWR City will be hosting People's Choice Pop-Up Parties in a city near you. People's Choice Judges will be able to engage with this year's submissions live and in person!

To participate, make sure to stay up to date on all things Harvest Cup by following us on Instagram and Facebook! 

FLWR CITY Harvest Cup Finals 

April 2022

Join us in April 2022 for the Harvest Cup Finale! We will be hosting a series of virtual and in-person events in celebration of the Harvest Cup. Stay tuned by subscribing to our email list! 

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