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The FLWR CITY CUP is an annual cannabis competition, curated to build community and raise funds for reinvestment in community development initiatives.

The FLWR CITY CUP is part of a collective effort contributing to the Flower City C.U.P. Fund, a registered non-profit.  With our partners & community we aim to fill the C.U.P. FUND each year.  When the "cup is full" we share it with those in need.  Our 2022 Fundraising Goal is $20,000

The vision is to use this platform to showcase NY's cultivating community, and prove that when we come together,"Cannabis Used Positively" can and will make the world a better place. 

The Mission

The Giveback

2020 Harvest Cup Recap


Category Winners

Image by Next Green Wave

Our Hosts


Zach Sarkis

Our Judges


John Fraizer


Mary Kruger

Lite up.jpg

Reggie Keith

Jim headshot 2020.png

Jim Castetter


Penelope Hamilton


Jonah Kasper



Maria Perry


  • What is the cup?
    The FLWR CITY CUP is a semiannual hemp competition, curated to build community and raise funds for reinvestment in community development initiatives. ​ The 2020 FLWR CITY “Harvest Cup” is an event celebrating completion of the 2020 Harvest season, and stressing the importance of New York hemp flower for the both the NY farming community and consumers.
  • What is flower?
    Flower is the aromatic and resinous buds of the hemp plant, found at the top of the plants strucutre
  • Can anyone submit flowers to the cup?
    Not everyone, you have to be a registered Grower / Processor in NYS
  • What is the People's Choice Competition?
    This year we will be selecting 40 people to serve as our People's Choice Judges for the 2020 Harvest Cup. If selected, you will be able to grade all flower submissions, rating them on touch, taste, smell, and looks. When you purchase a "People's Choice" ticket, you will receive a box in early January containing the following: - 14 grams of CBD flower (min); 1 gram of each submission - Swag from the Cup & sponsoring businesses - Chance to win an ounce of the "FLWR CITY Harvest Fest" winning flower All proceeds from the event, including ticket sales, will be donated to (Rochester organization) and (Buffalo organization) - organizations feeding, housing and empowering youth in these times of need.
  • How do I register?
    Flower: Peoples Choice: Live Event:
  • How are the funds being used?
    We have selected three community organizations that are feeding, sheltering and empowering people in these times of need: Mass-Ave: Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP) is a nonprofit urban farm located on Buffalo's West Side. MAP employs youth year round and teaches them job readiness and leadership skills through farming, our Mobile Market, kitchen and nutrition education, as well as food policy and civic engagement. Flower City Noir Collective: Based out of Rochester NY, the FCNC emphasizes the values of collective leadership, collective work and responsibility, collective education, and sustainability through skill-sharing.” Roc Food Releif (@rocfoodrelief)
  • How will this impact the proposed legislation banning Hemp Flower?
    The proposed ban on hemp flower is expected to have detrimental impacts on small farms and NYS consumers. Please see the following article for more information:
  • How can I participate in the Peoples Choice Competition?
    Please fill and submit the following form: Once completed we will follow up with you regarding next steps!
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