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Event Registration 

Grower Registration

Farmers looking to submit their flowers into the Harvest Cup competition click here!

*Registration is now Open*

Peoples Choice Registration

Learn more about the 2021 People's Choice Judging! 

*More Details Coming*

Live Event Registration

2021Harvest Cup

Grand Finale 


*More Details Coming*

Grower Registration

*Registration has ended*

This event begins with a 30 day submission period where licensed NYS Hemp Farmers are able to submit raw / cured hemp flower product to the events judges. Submissions will be allowed Nov. 21-December 21st 2020. 


Submissions will require a $100 contribution. The funds will be allocated to local and regional community initiatives. Flower submissions will be graded on a variety of factors judged by industry experts for their smell, structure, and more. The official grading matrix will be available online at in the coming weeks.


The top 20 submissions will be selected for the Harvest Cup Finals, which conclude with a live “blind” judging that will determine the Harvest Cup champions.  The finale of Harvest Cup will happen on Jan 31st - LIVE on a screen near you!

What the "Champions" get

FLWR CITY Collective will purchase:

First Place Harvest Cup 1lb for $750

Second Place Harvest Cup 1/2lb for $300

First Place People's Choice 1lb for $600

Second Place Peoples Choice 1/2lb for $250


All winners will get featured in Canna Buff Magazine 

All winners will be featured on Social Media & Website

Peoples Choice Awards

*Registration has ended*

This year we will be selecting 40 people to serve as our People's Choice Judges for the 2020 Harvest Cup.

If selected, you will be able to grade all flower submissions, rating them on touch, taste, smell, and looks.


When you purchase a "People's Choice" ticket, you will receive a box in early January containing the following:

  1. 20 grams of CBD flowers; 1 gram of each submission

  2. Swag from the Cup & Sponsoring Businesses         

  3. Chance to win an ounce of the "Harvest Cup" Champion flower

All proceeds from the event, including ticket sales, will be donated to three local non-profit organizations feeding, housing, and empowering youth in these times of need:

Flower City Noire Collective (Rochester)

Roc Food Relief (Rochester)

Mass-Ave Project (Buffalo)

The cost of the People's Choice Box is $50; quantities are limited

so fill out the form below and sign up to get your box today!

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